Gary IveyGary L. Ivey wrote Backlash while living in Georgia but has since moved to the state of Hawaii to be near children and grandchildren.

He is originally from Oklahoma and has also lived in Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. He met his wife in Louisiana.

His father worked as a middle manager in a large oil company for 31 years and still received a pension check every month until his death in 2018. Though not claiming to be an expert, Ivey grew up learning about the oil business and its place in the national economy without really trying.

His belief in the importance of the free market economy to the free people of the United States and that free-market capitalism is the best system to alleviate poverty in the world led him to write Backlash.

An entrepreneur himself, together with his wife of 45 years, he has owned a web development company for more than 20 years. Before that, he owned a video production business and before that worked as a magazine editor and pastor.

Besides writing, Ivey likes to write, play and listen to music in a variety of styles.

Ivey is a husband, father and grandfather. Backlash is his first novel.

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Quest for a King Cover