Backlash 2!

Backlash 2: Justice Denied Available NOW for Kindle ($2.99) or Paperback ($14.99) or Signed by the author ($20.00).

“Just finished reading Justice Denied. Great book!
Such an innovative storyline.”

“Jackie is back with her team at Axiom and the challenges from Backlash are still lingering…, while the budding romance between Jackie and Patrick is still on the back burner.”

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The gas tax still needs repealing; the fate of Axiom’s employees and customers is at stake.
Congress passes the repeal, but a judge stands in the way.
Attacks against the company continue, this time on Wall Street as well as Main Street.
How can Jackie keep her company together and find out who is behind the attacks?
How will she cope with a betrayal by someone close to her?


In this second book in the “Backlash” series, Jacqueline James, CEO of Axiom Oil Incorporated, waits expectantly for Congress to repeal the $2.00-per-gallon gasoline tax that has crippled the industry. The repeal is soon passed, but before it can be fully implemented a Federal judge issues an injunction keeping the tax in place.

This forces Jackie to close three large refining installations and lay off several hundred people to keep the company solvent. One of the laid-off employees, after experiencing personal tragedy on top of losing his job, administers vigilante justice, killing the judge in a gasoline-fueled explosion.

Meanwhile, another oil company proposes a merger with Jackie’s company, but she is betrayed when someone close to her reveals the plan prematurely and the other company eventually fails partially as a result of the revelation. The betrayal is as much personal as professional.

The FBI continues investigating both the attack on Axiom’s facilities (in the first book) and the murder of the Federal judge, but discovers that the plaintiff who petitioned for the injunction has been murdered also, adding a layer to the conspiracy.

Jackie decides she must take action so, after being told who is behind the conspiracy to take down the company, she confronts him, only to be pursued by his “security” and is saved in the nick of time by the very person who betrayed her.

After numerous court appearances and hearings, Axiom ultimately appeals the injunction to the Supreme Court as the only way to break the impasse caused by the gas tax.