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What People Say About BACKLASH

Laura R., Mississippi:I loved Backlash! I read it in less than three days. Only put it down when I had to. Now, you need to get started on your next book. Your fans are waiting.”

Paula C., Georgia: “When is the sequel coming out?”

D. Jones, Amazon.com review:Backlash was enjoyable to read on a variety of levels. The characters were well developed. Jacqueline’s years in the family business served her well, when she was thrown into managing a terrorist attack directed at her company, soon after taking over as CEO from her late father. Her grit and innovative ways of solving complex issues were evident. The storyline, including special interest groups, reporters, environmental radicals and Washington politics, was easy to follow. Jacqueline was eloquent and human in her approach to protecting her family’s corporation against all odds, and I found myself cheering her on, as she took on Washington and her stockholders throughout the book. The storyline flowed, keeping me wondering `what next?’ Author meticulously conducted his research for his book, reminding me of a well-developed Grisham-like novel. Hope another book is in the works.”

S. Dart, Amazon.com review:An “edge of the seat”er! We need more (real) people like Jacqueline Marie James who will take a stand against some of the idiocy foisted on us by our elected officials (of all parties) to further their own selfish goals. So pertinent to what is going on today in America. But not so political that you can’t relate to the characters and get caught up in the emotion of the story. A great read–I didn’t want to put it down. Loved it!!!

S. Yanuzo, Amazon.com reviewDidn’t have to skip sections for inappropriate language or sexual conduct. This proves a good story can be written without adding trashy content.”

B. Goldberg, Amazon.com review:
Get Ready for a Wild Ride! Backlash can be enjoyed on many different levels. As a page-turner, it keeps you on the edge of your seat from the initial…well, I won’t spoil it for you….right up to the denouement. But Backlash has a deeper subtext, almost a platonic dialogue being conducted between the lines, that addresses many of the key political concerns of our time without ever lecturing or slipping into the abstract. As we become engaged by the highly colorful characters, we grapple with the political issues that confront them.

“What’s unique is the way in which the author weaves a complex philosophical treatise into a plot that moves as quick as you can turn the pages. You can’t help but be transfixed by the unexpected plot twists. It’s not until the story is over that you realize that the book has taken on many of the nettlesome issues of our current political discourse. The ride is so fun that you don’t realize how much ground you’ve covered until it’s over. What a great read, can’t wait for the next one from this author.”

L. Zimmerman, Facebook post:
“Just finished Backlash by Gary L. Ivey. It was fabulous!!!! I was so intrigued by the plot…environmental terrorists, murder, politics, moral integrity, a female heroine, hard-core work ethics, and a splash of love made for a great read! (ah…and the evolution/creation thread!)”

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